SAXS Porod Absorption Correction Estimator

This script estimates the buffer scale factor using the 1-D scattering curves from SAXSLab 1-D process: "*.dat" files. This is based on the assumption that the extended scattering follows Porod's Law: I(q) ~I/q4. The optimal scale is determined in an iterative process, so be patient. It takes several seconds for the process to converge.

Select the SAXSLab "sample*.dat" file

(1) Sample Data *.DAT:

(2) Buffer Data *.DAT:

Minimum value of q to use in Porod Estimation: Å-1
(Only use data >> 1/Rg: Exclude major features in data, such as the first peak):
A qmin in the range 0.20 - 0.30 Å-1seems to work well.