SAXNS-ES: SAXS Buffer Subtraction - MW Calibrated

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Advanced: Rambo Smax: Å-1     ::   Molecule Type: DNA/RNA
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Buffer Scale: Minimum q: Å-1 Bin Size (% N pts): (5% for narrow).

Calculate Absorption Correction, Subtracted Curve, Rg, Dmax, and MW:

This script estimates the buffer scale factor using the 1-D scattering curves from SAXSLab 1-D processing or any standard SAXS "*.dat" files (q, I, σ). This estimate is based on the assumption of a spherical particle: where the scattering intensities periodicaly equal zero, Or that somewhere in the observed q-range, I(q)/σ(q) ~ 0. This estimate can be used when the transmission factor cannot be reliably measured.

NB. For strong scatters (DNA/RNA, polysaccharides, or high sample concentrations) this program may overestimate the scale factor. In which case you may want to fix the Transmission Factor to 1.00.

The Output is scaled so that Io = MW (Da)
The Output header includes the Rg, Io, Dmax and also the MW estimated using the method of Rambo & Tainer (2013)